TU 1 and TO 1 betting in simple words

Soccer betting in bookmakers’ offices is very rich in different events. You can bet on the outcome, individual actions of players, even video replays. Recently the market of total 1 bets has become more and more popular.

Soccer betting in bookmakers’ offices is very rich in different events. You can bet on the outcome, individual actions of players, even video replays. Recently the market of total 1 bets has become more and more popular. Players began to bet on TO 1 and TU 1, several strategies have been developed to play with these variants, so many bettors were able to increase their profits. But for some players, this event remains incomprehensible. In this article, together with Centreforum.org we will understand the concepts of these markets and talk about the features of events and strategies.

The concepts of TO 1 and TU 1 bets

Total is a basic concept for betting. Betting on the total can be done in every office presented on Meta.reviews. TO 1 stands for Total Over bet, so a bet on O(1) means that more than 1 goal must be scored in the match for it to win. By analogy, TU 1 is a bet on an event in which the game will be scored less than 1 goal. For O(1) to win there should be at least 2 goals scored in the match, while for U(1) to be paid off there should be no goals in the match.

TO 1 and TU 1 can be used not only for betting on goals. The same options apply to statistical indicators like corners, yellow cards, penalties, offsides, etc. Markets are universal, recently they have begun to be used by bookmaker companies in boxing and mixed martial arts, mainly in betting on statistics live.

Options for calculating bets

Since the value of 1 refers to the European type of bet - an integer - then betting on Over and Under has three different variants of calculation. For example, we bet on TU 1. If there are 0 goals in the match, the bet is won. With 2 or more goals scored the bet is lost. In the case where the match scored exactly 1 goal, the bet will be calculated as a return.

Similarly, in the case of TO 1. With the only goal, there will be a return, if 2+ goals are scored, the bet will be a winning one. In a situation where the result of the match is fixed zero draws, the bet will be lost. Therefore bettors use such markets in two cases, to hedge the betting on TU 0.5 or to take a risk when playing on TO 0.5.

Betting strategies

There is a special Dallas strategy for the TU 1 market - the editors of Telecomasia.net reminded us about it. To play on it, you need to choose matches where the favorite plays against the underdog. The essence of the tactic is to bet on the individual total for the underdog team. It should play away. But do not bet in pre-match, wait for the match to start and follow it for 10-15 minutes. If the underdog has not conceded but has not shown any activity in the attack (0 shots on goal and not more than 2 shots), it is worth betting on Away Under(1). Sometimes bettors take the risk by betting on Away Under(0.5) but for insurance use the option Away Under(1). In most cases, around 75%, the prediction is a winning one.

Important: The odds on the favourite for the Dallas strategy must be no higher than 1.5-1.55.

There is also a strategy for TO 1, goals in the first half. Initially, players are betting on TO 0.5, but the TO 1 variant looks preferable due to the higher odds. There’s no need to be in a hurry with your betting - also wait until at least 7-10 minutes have passed in the match. If you can see that the teams are playing frisky and eager to score but with poor execution, this is a good betting point to enter. Odds on TO 1 in the first half reach 1.8+ after 10 minutes of playing time. You can wait longer for better odds, or you can bet immediately.

Important: Try to choose matches from scoring leagues. These include leagues in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Switzerland.

Advantages and disadvantages of betting on TO 1 and TU 1

Since TU 1 and TO 1 are mutually exclusive events, the advantages of playing on TO 1 automatically become disadvantages of bets for TU 1 and vice versa. The advantages of O(1) include high live odds, the ability to ensure a bet on total over 1.5, playing on a profitable goal strategy in the first half with an increase in odds and profits. The disadvantages of this market are that they are absent in some bookmakers.

Advantages for U(1) are high odds for the overall total in the pre-match, insurance bets for TU 0.5, the opportunity to play the underdog’s individual total using the lucrative Dallas strategy. The disadvantages include returns on a goal and low odds on individual underdog total.

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