FIFA U-17 WC: Fixture, Timings in IST and Schedule

This is India’s first foray in a FIFA tournament – either by playing or by hosting. The tournament is being played across six stadiums and in six cities.


From October 6th the nation will be gripped by football fever as the FIFA Under 17 World Cup kick-off in the national captain when the host takes on the United Nations at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. This is India’s first foray in a FIFA tournament – either by playing or by hosting. The tournament is being played across six stadiums and in six cities.

Group A Fixtures
Oct 6 Colombia vs Ghana 17:00 IST
Oct 6 India vs United States 20:00 IST
Oct 9 Ghana vs United States 17:00 IST
Oct 9 India vs Colombia 20:00 IST
Oct 12 Ghana vs India 20:00 IST
Oct 12 United States vs Colombia 20:00 IST

Group B Fixtures
Oct 6 New Zealand vs Turkey 17:00 IST
Oct 6 Paraguay vs Mali 20:00 IST
Oct 9 Turkey vs Mali 17:00 IST
Oct 9 Paraguay vs New Zealand 20:00 IST
Oct 12 Turkey vs Paraguay 17:00 IST
Oct 12 Mali vs New Zealand 17:00 IST

Group C Fixtures
Oct 7 Germany vs Costa Rica 17:00 IST
Oct 7 Iran vs Guinea 20:00 IST
Oct 10 Costa Rica vs Guinea 17:00 IST
Oct 10 Iran vs Germany 20:00 IST
Oct 13 Costa Rica vs Iran 17:00 IST
Oct 13 Guinea vs Germany 17:00 IST

Group D Fixtures
Oct 7 Brazil vs Spain 17:00 IST
Oct 7 North Korea vs Niger 20:00 IST
Oct 10 Spain vs Niger 17:00 IST
Oct 10 North Korea vs Brazil 20:00 IST
Oct 13 Spain vs North Korea 20:00 IST
Oct 13 Niger vs Brazil 20:00 IST

Group E:
Oct 8 New Caledonia vs France 17:00 IST
Oct 8 Honduras vs Japan 20:00 IST
Oct 11 France vs Japan 17:00 IST
Oct 11 Honduras vs New Caledonia 20:00 IST
Oct 14 France vs Honduras 17:00 IST
Oct 14 Japan vs New Caledonia 17:00 IST

Group F:
Oct 6 Chile vs England 17:00 IST
Oct 6 Iraq vs Mexico 20:00 IST
Oct 9 England vs Mexico 17:00 IST
Oct 9 Iraq vs Chile 20:00 IST
Oct 12 England vs Iraq 20:00 IST
Oct 12 Mexico vs Chile 20:00 IST

Round of 16:
Oct 16 Runner-up Group A vs Runner-up Group C 17:00 IST
Oct 16 Winner Group B vs Third Place Group A / C / D 20:00 IST
Oct 17 Winner Group C vs Third Place Group A / B / F 17:00 IST
Oct 17 Winner Group E vs Runner-up Group D 17:00 IST
Oct 17 Winner Group F vs Runner-up Group E 20:00 IST
Oct 17 Runner-up Group B vs Runner-up Group F 20:00 IST
Oct 18 Winner Group A vs Third Place Group C / D / E 17:00 IST
Oct 18 Winner Group D vs Third Place Group B / E / F 20:00 IST

Oct 21 Winner Match 43 vs Winner Match 42 17:00 IST
Oct 21 Winner Match 38 vs Winner Match 41 20:00 IST
Oct 22 Winner Match 40 vs Winner Match 39 17:00 IST
Oct 22 Winner Match 37 vs Winner Match 44 20:00 IST

Oct 25 Winner Match 46 vs Winner Match 45 17:00 IST
Oct 25 Winner Match 48 vs Winner Match 47 20:00 IST

Third-place play-off:
Oct 28 Loser Match 49 vs Loser Match 50 17:00 IST

Oct 28 Winner Match 49 vs Winner Match 50 20:00 IST

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