Chelsea keeper Caballero: Family and I received insults and threats

Chelsea goalkeeper Willy Caballero has spoken out against the insults aimed at him after Argentina's thrashing by Croatia. Caballero took to Instagram after Argentina's dramatic World Cup win over Nigeria. He said: "And more calm ... After the positive result and the qualification, mine becomes an anecdote, a misfortune, a mistake, a mistake, whatever you want to call it, there are a lot of things that I accept, because it was a football mistake. But I received a lot of disrespect, bad wishes and threats towards me and my family, those ugly attitudes did not help me. "I stay with the many people who support me, accompanied me and suffered my situation. I thank all those who were there; the near and the distant; those who dared to write to me and all those who supported me in one way or another. Once again I accept my mistake, but I never had the desire that my family spend such unpleasant days. "I see the shirt of Argentina with the values that I learned in my home and growing in football. Thanks to those who are always with me and my family."

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