Apps For Students

Office Lens is an amazing app from Microsoft that takes pictures of documents, whiteboards, blackboards, magazines, receipts, and more and converts them into editable, shareable text. It will even let you take pictures at an angle (say, if you’re seated all the way on the side in a classroom), and it will clean up glare and shadows, too. You can save your images as PDFs, Word, or PowerPoint files.

The best planner is the one you always have access to. The myHomework Student Planner is available on a wide variety of platforms so that you can stay organized wherever you are. You can keep track of your class schedule and homework, get reminders for upcoming tests, and sync it across all of your platforms. There’s also a premium version for $4.99 that takes away the ads, gives you more themes, lets you add file attachments, and integrates access to external calendars.

Control your Android phone like never before with Tasker, an app that lets you set up automation for hundreds of tasks based on different conditions. You can lock certain applications with a passcode (keep roommates away from your sensitive stuff!), automatically turn your phone’s ringer on and off based on where you are (no more accidental phone noises in class!), change your camera’s buttons, automatically record phone calls, put your phone on airplane mode at night with periodic checks for texts and voicemails, set up custom automated text messages and much much more!

Typing can take a toll on your wrists, even causing permanent damage in some cases. Dictating homework and emails to the Dragon Dictation app can not only save your wrists, but save you time, too! You can send your dictations to a text, email, Twitter, Facebook, or paste it into any application using your phone’s clipboard. The included editor will suggest words, and the app will improve its accuracy over time as it gets to know your voice. It also works in many languages other than English.