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On Chai-Pe-Chit-Chat with Dost Coach Jeet Chhatwal explains EPC has opportunities from varied streams


If you were under the notion that EPC project management is all about engineers, you need to reconsider it. In Chai Pe Chit Chat with Dost Coach Rajiv Khurana, he talks about opportunities in the field and how people from varied industry can be a part of this billion dollar industry.

In an exclusive conversation with Dost Coack Rajiv Khurana an expert in EPC, Jeet Chhatwal, Company director at Hartek, talks about Engineering, management and other educational background and how to make a career in engineering, procurement, and construction arena.

Recently closure of 800 engineering colleges made news in every nook and corner. On being asked how this closure will affect engineering colleges he said, It was anticipated because mushrooming of so many colleges adversely affected the quality of education. These colleges were not required, not even on the pretext of demand, nor they could stand on the quality mark of education. Therefore engineering as a career will survive, but with good colleges, which can provide good infrastructure, good faculty and quality education.

Many wanted to know about project management, Mr. Chhatwal threw some light on project management of EPC segment and how project management plays an important role in it. He also discussed the details of EPC ie. Engineering Procurement and construction and the projects that emerge as a facility come under EPC. As far as India is concerned there are as many as 8 core industry like Oil and Gas, Natural Gas, Refining, Power, Fertiliser, Cement, Coal and Steel. These 8 industries are the base of other industries which open doors to many job opportunities.

EPC projects are huge in size and the projects are worth some billion dollars, which is why it doesn’t necessarily include engineers alone. The industry needs lawyers, accountants, people from a commercial background, HR and much more. Therefore professional members from varied fields form a project management team. Thus every stream has an opportunity to work.

Talking about career opportunities at entry level, Jeet Chhatwal says since the projects are huge there is a job opportunity in many spheres. Dost Coach Rajiv Khurana also asks about short term courses like PMP. Further explaining it, the guest elaborates the Project Management Professionals or PMP’s, if you have experience and you want to reach the top level position, universities offer these courses which marks your special efforts to excel in the field.

It is evident that there multiple opportunities in the industry, it is your consistent hard work that pays you well in the end.


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