NYOOOZ is India’s most preferred city specific platform that delivers news from over 62 city editions. NYOOOZ is a video first platform focused on delivering relevant content to audiences from Tier 2 – Tier 3 cities. NYOOOZ has a young team focused on bringing out relevant conversations from cities above the noise of the traditional media outlets focused on the 1sq. km of importance. NYOOOZ believes and has proven over the past few years that citizens want to know what is happening around them in their cities. NYOOOZ allows users to stay in touch with the news from their cities never missing out on conversations from their city of choice. The NYOOOZ team is a collection of young journalists focused on unearthing news stories from smaller cities that impact citizens from the city helping create awareness and impact across content categories of politics, health, sports and lifestyle in the city. We bridge the information gap using video first stories through our team of on the ground reporters and news gatherers using new media technologies for mobile first audiences.

Got an Idea?

Help us Report from your city. Seen or heard something that you think your city needs to know ? We'd love to tell it. You can pitch your story ideas, photos and submissions at contact@nyoooz.com. Someone from our team will reach out to you and take your story forward.


NYOOOZ curates all important news stories of your city exclusively from trustworthy and competent publishers from across the web.

NYOOOZ brings you a complete feed of all news published about your city so that you can stay in touch with your city no matter wherever you are.

NYOOOZ uses its TrueView algorithm's to scan and fetch news published about individual cities. NYOOOZ brings you a digest of stories covering more than 50 cities in English and 12 citites in Hindi across India and serving millions of people everyday.

You can register and customize your unique news feed to gather news from the cities you love whether it is catching up on the latest breaking news or simply getting to know about unique activities & initiatives.

Users can also post news from their own cities by easily writing about stories that matter and posting it in the Post News sections to contribute to the ever growing community of aware and active citizens.

We are looking for great storytellers, concerned citizens and budding writers to write for NYOOOZ. If you think you have what it takes to write for a leading web publisher feel free to drop in a mail at contact@nyoooz.com or just a cup of coffee.


Our brand solutions team is a group of creative directors, copywriters, designers, digital dudes, product nerds and video junkies who will make the right kind of noise for your business. Partner with us to get the clearer, bigger picture, and start new digital trends. (WIP)


NYOOOZ believes in getting the seriousness of journalism back to where it counts, informing the people.

We have a range of roles at NYOOOZ, from English and Hindi journalists, camerapersons, graphics editors, fanatics and VT editors, to creative whisperers, crappy copy killers, design afficianados, social media ninjas and video producers. We love to teach and are happy to have interns working with us through the year. Many Interns who come with a passion for writing great content and learning to grab any chance to learn something new have also become a part of our permanent staff.

We are all passionate about what we do, and we are all passionate about Video Content waiting for the next Billion to watch your content.

You will learn from some of the best in the Industry – Journalists, Designers, Digital Media Gurus’ who keep coming and working together with our team often, inspiring us to make great content and keep learning something new in news.

Excited to try and work with us ? Drop us a line at jobs@nyoooz.com