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We will encourage you to report news stories about some important events in your city related to culture, music, arts, tourism, theater, cuisine, non-commercial public exhibition, health camps, education seminars, career fairs, public lectures, business talks, celebrity events etc.

Help us Report from your city. Seen or heard something that you think your city needs to know ? We'd love to tell it. You can pitch your story ideas, photos and submissions at Someone from our team will reach out to you and take your story forward.


  • Locate offenders in your locality
  • Locate smart citizens of your locality
  • Locate black-spots in your locality
  • Locate talent in your locality
  • Locate bright student in your locality

How to become a NYOOOZ Reporter

Welcome to NYOOOZ. It's Your Story and Video that belongs to you. Here's where you can post the text story, pictures and video you've seen of events going on around the city. If you have Smart Phone camera or a digital camera then you are well equipped to be a 'Roaming Reporter' in your city. Your Smart Phone will be good enough for you to record a video or click a picture and write a few lines about it. Once you are ready with your story you can simply send it by What's App or through an e-mail to us. If your story is good enough we will carry the same on our website or You Tube channels. And, the story will be published in your name. NYOOOZ will help you become a 'Roaming Reporter' of your city.

We’re actively encouraging 'Smart Youth' to work with NYOOOZ Reporting team.

Who could join us as a NYOOOZ TV Reporter?

a. You’ll need access to your own Smart Phone video camera and a mic really would help you to record better audio. And, this is not expensive. We will help you buy a very inexpensive one.

d. Time needed to create video stories of your interest or subject or issue would vary entirely up to your interest level.

What’s in it for you?

1. At NYOOOZ we will encourage the Smart Youth with a smart phone or even a digital camera to be able to shoot videos/pictures of important functions, events, celebrations or even interesting pictures/videos on the street and are able to upload the same on the NYOOOZ to share with a wider readership/viewing.

2. If you find anything suspicious or witnessing some crime taking place you can simply record it be it a theft or traffic violation, harassment or any other unlawful activities of the men in uniform, government officials you can simply record and send it to "NYOOOZ".

3. Being a Smart Roaming Reporter of NYOOOZ you will get fame and recognition. At the same time your good work will be rewarded by NYOOOZ .

Disclaimer and Guidelines:

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The NYOOOZ is a free publishing platform and by submitting your news story here you are agreeing to adhere to NYOOOZ editorial policy whereby the contents posted by you are accurate, verified, factual, non-abusive, defamatory,obscene, indecent, unlawful and do not violate legal rights of privacy.

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In case of any violation of the editorial policy we will remove you as our news contributor.

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