Independence Day

India has come a long way from suppression by the British to rising as one of the fastest-growing independent economies in the World. India is set to celebrate its 73rd independence day on 15 August 2019. From the first independence day in 1947 to 73rd year of independence, the collective efforts of Indian leaders has brought great respect and recognition to the nation on the global platform. From Jawahar Lal Nehru's “India’s tryst with destiny” to PM Narendra Modi's address to the nation, Red Fort has witnessed 14 Prime Ministers hoisting the national flag over Lahori Gate of Red Fort in Delhi.

India's History

2019 - 2007

From ISRO's benchmark to BJP's grand victory, India's top news

By successfully launching ‘Agni V’ and ‘Akash’ missiles to sending 20 satellites in space, India has seen major developments in the past decade. Apart from Science and Technology, media and entertainment industry has also evolved and has become one of the leading industries in India after registering an explosive growth from 2007 to 2017.

2006 - 1997

India defeated Pakistan in the brutal Kargil War of 1999

Ten years is a long time and many significant events have occurred between 97-06 but the battle of Kargil has to one of the most important events, the war went on for two months where many lives were lost but eventually, Indian forces emerged victorious and Pakistani intruders were completely evicted.

1996 - 1987

From Rajiv Gandhi's assassination to Economic liberalisation of India

A decade that changed India. Economic liberalization in India with Manmohan Singh as the architect and India’s first internet service started by VSNL.This is also the time when God of Cricket arrived on the scene and Leander Paes gave India its first Olympic medal in 44 years. Although, their had been tragedies like Rajiv Gandhi’s Assassination, the Bombay bomb blasts and the demolition of Babri Masjid that rocked India.

1986 - 1977

India stood up after dark era of ‘Emergency’

“1977-86 decade brought litmus test for India’s democracy. It was the time when India had to stand up after the dark-phase of emergency. During this period, India had seen its first non Congress government. Also the nation witnessed devil of terrorism in Punjab which caused killing of Prime Minister Indira Gandh. The nation also saw brutal 1984 Sikh riots.”

1976 - 1967

Defense prowess: India gave bloody nose to China and Pakistan, become world’s 6th nuclear power

1967 to 1976 - A decade dedicated to Indian defense. In this phase, India became the World’s sixth Nuclear country, conducted its first atomic bomb test and also established Bharat dynamics Limited to develop weapons.

1966 - 1957

From losing the first president to war with Pakistan, India’s 2nd decade after Independence

When IIT Bombay came into existence and India won the second war with Pakistan. Come join us in the journey of India's growing up years from 1957 to 1966 and learn about the history of Indian Independence, biggest events and more.

1956 - 1947

Here's what happened during India's first 10 Independent Years

Before you change your display picture with tricolor and get busy in forwarding Happy Independence Day messages, let's learn about India's victory over British monarchy and how the first ten years of Independence changed India forever. Come along with NYOOOZ to a journey of Independent India.