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A lasting impression

  • A lasting impression

    Summary: Even the traditional blocks used for block printing, I hear are often used by chefs to make mithai. But they lack the imagination and creativity of the wooden moulds that would often have designs inspired by historial monuments and events. They’re all made using special wooden moulds. For a standard-sized sandesh, moulds are available off the shelf. Unfortunately, our traditional shapes have not been extended to handmade chocolates.

    For die hard bakers and professionals springerle cooking moulds and rolling pins are prized possessions. Think speculaas from The Netherlands and mamul and krombe cookies from the Middle East. They’re all made using special wooden moulds , As Reported By Hindu.

    According to the Newspaper,Even butter moulds hold a special place in history. Carefully designed by artistes who specialise in them, these moulds are integral in most kitchens. Made of wood, they are carved to perfection by hand. Ardent food enthusiasts vie with each other to collect them.


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