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Mumbai First involves corporates in effort

  • Mumbai First involves corporates in effort

    Summary: “The idea is to vote closest to 100%.” So the categories are 0-50 employees, 50-200 employees, 20-500 employees and 500-plus. “Appeals have never really worked,” says Shishir Joshi, CEO, Mumbai First. At another level, one person who goes out to vote scores six runs; if she takes someone else, she scores four extra runs, and if she takes five more people, she scores 20 runs. The winners’ list will be put up on the Mumbai First site and on social media. The same Mumbaikar who misbehaves in Mumbai will do a fantastic job in Dubai.

    Mumbai: On February 21, how many educated Mumbaikars will walk across to the nearest polling booth and exercise their right to change the status quo in the city? Going by the city’s track record, not very many: less than 45% voted in the past four elections. It is, after all, a holiday: take the previous day off, and you have a long weekend to travel out of the city. Mumbai First, a not-for-profit group, has found a way to get the reticent middle-class citizen to go out there, and come back home with the indelible ink on her finger. As part of its Vote4Mumbai Challenge, it has roped in organisations in the city to push their employees to vote in a spirit of competition , As Reported By Hindu.

    According to the Newspaper,The difference is, this time round, it is not an appeal; it’s a directive. “Appeals have never really worked,” says Shishir Joshi, CEO, Mumbai First. “We see this in, for instance, the way traffic rules are followed.


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