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‘Restriction in fetal growth affects 10% women in India’

  • ‘Restriction in fetal growth affects 10% women in India’

    Summary: Apart from malnourished expectant mothers, we are encountering this condition in over-nourished mothers and women leading stressful life. Nagpur: 'Restriction in fetal growth' has always been a challenge for obstetricians with 10% of pregnant women being affected by it.Mumbai-based noted radiologist Dr Nitin Chaubal said, "Earlier, the condition was associated with malnourished mothers. Chaubal, Fernandez Hospital (Hyderabad) obstretics department head Dr Nuzhat Aziz, NOGS president Dr Chaitanya Shembekar, secretary Dr Warsha Dheole were also present on the dais.Chaubal said, "Our centre operating in posh south Bombay area of Mumbai, we get to see a lot of over-nourished women having 'restriction in fetal growth' condition. It is difficult for the women from poor strata to get proper nutrition as many of them have to survive on just dal and rice throughout pregnancy. In such a situation, the possibility of the baby having some morbidity or mental illness increases.

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