Freshers beware! Interning for free can dent your career

Interns think that their sacrifice will either help them find their dream jobs or establish  a career in a certain industry which is really for them. But it turns out to be totally different in the case of an unpaid internship.  

Freshers beware! Interning for free can dent your career


In the increasingly familiar modern workplace, freshers readily agree to work as unpaid interns as they’re eager for the experience and the contacts that will help ease them into a paid job.


Each year graduating students believe that if they are to get a job in highly competitive industries such as the arts, media and sciences, they’ll need practical experience on their CV.


With so many options to opt for, many students get confused whether they should go for an unpaid internship or not. NYOOOZ has compiled a list of disadvantages of an unpaid internship.




The most obvious drawback of an unpaid internship is that you don’t earn money while working. You will be just working tirelessly without any money incentives and it’s almost like wasting your time and energy.


Legality of your job


Many experts consider unpaid internships as illegal since many firms exploit talents for free. Therefore, labor organizations all over the world have set some rules to distinguish between interns and workers. Students should make sure to learn about all this.


Taking unfair advantage of your work


It’s a new trend in companies to use new interns as inputs free of costs instead of hiring new employees. By doing this, many firms are saving a lot of amounts on paying salary and training candidates while getting their job done. This can be a terrifying for a student who is not financially capable.


Narrowed opportunities


Companies usually prefer to recruit employees who have been paid earlier as they are considered to be more serious and capable in their task. Hence working as an upain intern your condition might be just same as someone who did not do any internship.


Lower working rights


Working as an unpaid intern you’re basically not an employee of the industry. Therefore, it results in limited working rights in your work life and can result to discrimination and harassment in your job which is very disturbing.

Decreasing chances of employability


According to the survey done by National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), 63.1% of the candidates got placed while the rest of 37% who were doing an unpaid internship were left behind.


Less income in future


As per stats, those who hook paid internships have better salary packages than the unpaid ones. In some cases, the salary packages of students who didn’t intern anywhere are more than someone who did an unpaid internship.


Well, apart from the cons experience and learning are the two main factors to learn from an unpaid internship which can’t be overlooked. So, all those who’re planning to work as unpaid interns must study well about the firm before getting into it.

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