How to evoke reading habit in young kids

It is often seen that parents want to restrict their child from gluing themselves to digital screens be it TV, Laptops or smartphones. Know how you can encourage your child to be a book lover or inculcate a habit of reading in them, which will help them a lot in future.  

It is said that reading is the primary tool that sparks up the imagination and induces curiosity among children. It is reading about varied topic that lets them travel to new horizons they haven’t seen in reality. It is by reading that one could form characters, make up their attributes and personalize them. It helps in the cognitive development and serves as the foundation step of one’s personality. It lets the reader form their vocabulary and expands their mind.

Having said that, it is also evident that not everybody is a reader. And you cannot force somebody it read things or make them like to read. But a child is a handful of clay and you can mould them the way you want. In their initial molding days, you can evoke reading habits in them. Wondering how? Well, find about below.

Schedule a reading time

Decide an appropriate time according to your schedule and dedicate a slot where you read out to your child. Take a book and sit with them to read. It might be an interesting story or some facts, anything your child would be interested in.

Give them a colorful and easy book to read

Children love everything that is colorful and has a lot of pictures and less of text. For initial stages hand-over them such books. Let them read it according to their time. Let them discover things on their own with illustrated books.

Allocate a reading area

To let your child have a knack for reading allocate a definite place for it. May be by making up a small library or a table where one goes especially to read. And not only this but spend time with them. Let them have their separate shelf to keep their books.

Exchange roles and let them narrate a story to you

 From time to time exchange roles and give them a chance to be a storyteller. Ask them to narrate their favorite story to you, from a book. Be interested in the story and ask frequent questions from them like they do. Let them enjoy narrating the story from the book. This will make them read more.

Make reading a part of recreation for them

Let them understand that reading could be fun and it’s not for study or a part of their school. Give them preference to choose whatever they want to read. Make them feel it’s their time. You can also take them with you to shop and give them all the liberty to choose books.

Amidst clutter of smart phones, and the internet let your child embrace the solace of reading. But don’t be harsh on them, if they don’t want to read, accept it. Different people have different choices, may be your kid isn’t a bibliophile but you can try to make them read.

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