Your handbook if you are planning to fly aboard for higher education

Before you plan to step across the sea, prepare yourself to deal with a parallel world that is different from yours. Make sure you have all the essentials because you cannot fly down every month.

Been working really hard to get on board with a university based out of your country, and you have your letter in your hand. Isn’t it all very exciting? But in due course of your excitement, did ponder over it? Like, are you prepared for it? Taking up admission in a country far from yours may sound interesting (is interesting) but it’s definitely not easy. You cannot plan to return every month, nor will you have many people to talk to initially.

NYOOOZ is here to help you prepare yourself for your studies abroad.

Research well

By researching, we don’t intend the college (only); we mean the whole of it. The culture, the religion, people there, languages, the currency, the markets and much more. You will also need to understand their geography and weather to decide what things you need by your side. It will be beneficial if you familiarize yourself with the country you’re moving to.

Set up your online banking

You may not get your country’s bank there, therefore make sure, that you have set up internet banking. You also need to know your bank’s international policies, or your account can be blocked or you may be charged with hefty taxes. So make sure you have made monetary arrangements before you step out.

Update your documents

Foreign countries are strict with documents. Get your documents updated and attested. Take multiple photocopies with you. Like your passport, mark sheets, ID proofs, medical reports and prescription of medicines duly attested by the doctors. You should also take proper attention to documents you will be required in your universities. Generally, with your degree, they ask for transcriptions i.e. your semester mark sheets.

Know your medicines

Before moving out you need to consider, to what things you’re allergic to and what medicines suit you. You may not find the medicines under the same name, so you must have a look at the components. Get prescribed notes from your doctor, on medicines you need.

Embrace unfamiliarity

As you step out, prepare yourself for all the unfamiliar things. Like unknown people, unknown places, unknown food and unknown cultures. Prepare yourself so that you don’t have to face the ‘culture shock’. If you’re mentally prepared you’ll be able to explore the proximity with these unknown things.

Initially you may find things difficult, but eventually, you will adapt to new things. Exercise humility and the country far away would seem little closer.

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