I Took The Decision To Get My Nose Surgery Done

It all started eight months ago.  While I was at work, I was having a mild headache and a blocked nose. Knowing that I am prone to suffering from sinusitis, I popped paracetamol and continued with my work.

My name is Adyasha Mishra . I decided to undergo an endoscopic septoplasty from Pristyn Care 7 months ago. I was diagnosed with a deviated septum almost two years back. However, I simply kept delaying the treatment and kept on suffering from repeated episodes of sinusitis. Here is my story of undergoing endoscopic septoplasty and getting rid of the problem permanently.

Since I was 7 years old, I frequently suffered from a blocked nose and a terrible headache. During every seasonal change, I had a stuffy nose which sometimes made it difficult for me to breathe. However, it got better with antibiotics and some simple home remedies. Every time I had a blocked nose, I inhaled steam that opened up the nasal congestion. It was treated everytime. Since then, I have been keeping a pack of paracetamol with me for emergency purposes.

Signs of Sinusitis

It all started eight months ago.  While I was at work, I was having a mild headache and a blocked nose. Knowing that I am prone to suffering from sinusitis, I popped paracetamol and continued with my work.

However, the medicine didn’t show any effect and the congestion got worse. It became difficult for me to sleep as I was unable to breathe properly.  I put several nasal sprays as well as took antibiotics prescribed by my regular physician. Unfortunately, none of them got me any relief. These continued for a couple of days. Meanwhile, I tried some Ayurvedic medicines and home remedies. Yet again, no results. Due to the severe nose blockage, I couldn’t sleep at night and I woke up tired and groggy throughout the day. Seeing me in pain, one of my friends asked me to consult with doctors from Pristyn Care.

Doctor’s Diagnosis

At first, I was skeptical of consulting with the doctor physically. I checked the Pristyn Care website and read a couple of patient testimonials. There were a couple of videos too of patients sharing their experience. They looked genuine and each of them expressed a positive response only. I went through their doctor’s page where I came across Dr. Siddharth Vashishtha. I looked at his credentials and I was quite impressed. After this, I researched him more and found out about his specialization as well as his several achievements. There were patient reviews about people highly recommending him. Convinced about the research, I booked an appointment with him.

With two minds, I visited the clinic for a proper diagnosis. When I reached the clinic there were still 15 mins left for my appointment. As I entered the clinic I saw there were a couple of people in the waiting area so I thought I might have to wait for a very long time. Fortunately, as my appointment was prebooked, I was immediately called in.

Dr. Siddhartha listened to me intently throughout the session about my issues. I explained to him that my nose is deviated on the left due to which I have frequent episodes of nasal congestion. Furthermore, I explained to him that every time there’s congestion, I take nasal sprays and some antibiotics. He asked me a handful of questions related to my medical history. After this, he checked my nose with some instruments. After gathering the required information, the doctor diagnosed me with sinusitis due to a deviated septum. Moreover, he concluded by saying my septum is deviating day by day making the left nostril smaller. Hence, making it difficult to breathe. He suggested me undergoing an endoscopic septoplasty.

He explained to me that an endoscopic septoplasty is called so because the doctor uses an endoscope to correct the crooked septum. In this procedure, the doctor uses a special instrument known as O-degree scope to make incisions through which the doctor straightens the septum. It takes around 30-90 minutes to complete the procedure. He added that it is completely painless as it is performed under the influence of anesthesia. He assured me that there will be minimum complications after the surgery as he provides a set of post-operative instructions that can help me recover fast.

Convinced by his explanation, I decided to undergo the surgery. I was scheduled for surgery two days after.

Before The Surgery

The medical coordinator called me regarding the payment option. I thought the surgery would cost me a hefty amount. Fortunately, the medical coordinator told me that the health insurance plan will cover most of the expenses. Meanwhile, as per the doctor’s instructions, I stopped taking any supplements before the surgery.

On the day of the Septoplasty

The doctor already instructed me to be on an empty stomach on the day of the surgery. I showered and got ready for the surgery. A cab was waiting for us at our doorstep at the designated time to take us to the hospital.


We reached the hospital on time where a Care Buddy from Pristyn Care was waiting for us. He took care of the admission process. After this, we were shown to our private room. I was prepped for surgery. Several tests were conducted and then I was sedated by an anesthetist.

After a couple of hours I woke up, Dr. Siddhartha checked up on me and assured me that the surgery was 100% successful. He was able to straighten the nose and there were no major complications too. I could feel a nasal packing inside the nose.

He kept me under observation for a night and regularly checked up on me. The next day, after being convinced that there were no possible risks, I was discharged with a set of instructions and a list of medications.

After the Surgery

On the third day, I was able to resume my daily activities. Fortunately, there were no major complications. I followed the instructions word-to-word which made the recovery fast and pain-free. I went for the follow-up after a few days, where the doctor removed the packing and asked me to breathe. I was able to breathe freely. I could feel the air gushing through the nasal cavity. He added there can be congestion later, however, there was no such thing and I rejoined work within a week.

Within a week, I recovered completely. There was neither any pain nor any blocked nose. It has been 7 months since the surgery and I am completely healed now. I can sleep better and productivity has also increased. My nose is straightened and all because of Pristyn Care.


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