A quick guide on how to apply for an electronic visa

In case you decide to spend your vacation abroad in the future, then one of the things you have to consider is the fact that you may have to acquire a visa in advance. 

What is an electronic visa?

An electronic visa, otherwise known as an eVisa or an e-visa, is a digital document that is electronically linked to your passport. It allows you to enter the issuing country just as a standard visa would. However, you do not have to go to an embassy or visa center to get an eVisa, but you can apply for it online.

How to apply for an electronic visa

The process of getting a visa online is less demanding than an embassy. For one thing, you can apply for an electronic visa from home or work. As long as you have a laptop or smartphone and an internet connection, you are good to go.

The first thing you have to do is to check the availability of a particular eVisa, as well as your eligibility. At the moment, there are many countries that adopted the electronic visa system, but more of them did not, meaning that your country of destination may actually require a standard visa. As far as your eligibility is concerned, keep in mind that even if a specific state issues eVisas, it does not necessarily mean that you can get one. All existent eVisas come with a list of nationalities that are eligible for it. To learn both pieces of information, a simple Google search on the visa policy of the country you want to go to will help you out.

Once you have established the availability and your eligibility, you need to decide on a visa service. Ever since the electronic visas became available, more and more visa services hit the market. Even so, choosing a reliable one should not be difficult since you have access to many reviews.

After you decide on the best visa service for you, you have to take care of the requirements. It is true that an eVisa implies a simplified application process, but that does not mean your effort is non-existent. Even so, you will find out that the requirements for an electronic visa are usually easy to meet. All of them imply a passport and a digital photo of yourself. Of course, more documentation may be required depending on the eVisa you want to apply for, but you should not have any issues in obtaining them.

The next on your to-do list is to fill in the online application form. Online forms are a lot easier to go through than government forms, which is why most people prefer the online application process. You will be asked to provide a wide range of information about yourself and your trip, but you must also make the payment. Otherwise, your application will not be processed. As soon as you do everything you are asked, you are free to submit your request, and the eVisa will arrive via e-mail. It will also be linked to your passport electronically.

Needless to say, the online visa application process is almost effortless. You have the comfort of applying for a travel document from wherever you are and at any hour of the day or night. It is definitely more comfortable than going down to an embassy or a visa center, isn’t it?

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