Friday Futures: Robot pants and mystery SpaceX passenger

LG makes robot pants that can control robot minionsLG’s latest robotics project is the CLOi SuitBot, a robot exoskeleton that’s essentially a pair of wearable, robotic pants designed to supercharge your legs. This week: robot pants with matching minions; opposition to murderbot ban; SpaceX books first moonshot passenger; a box that tracks vital signs; a flying insect-bot; Apple kills small smartphones; and the jellyfish solution to ocean plastic. Which in turn means the age of small smartphones has officially come to an end. So they built an insect robot with flapping wings that can fly a kilometre before its battery runs out. Watch it fly …Small smartphones are dead, and Apple killed themApple’s latest smartphone launch included not one but three new phone models to the world: the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr.

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