Telcos, gear vendors want India to stop adoption of local 5G standard

A fight between India’s telecom standards body and telecom operators and gear vendors is set to escalate over India-specific 5G standard. Indian telecom operators are expected to seek the Department of Telecommunications’ intervention to block the adoption of India specific 5G standard, called TSDSI radio interface technology (RIT). Telecom operators and gear vendors are of the view that the cost of 5G network rollout could go up 30-40% if India decides to impose the deployment of India specific 5G standard, which is backed by the Telecom Standards Development Society India (TSDSI). TSDSI, however, countered their argument by saying that telecom gear vendors’ opposition to the local 5G standard is purely business driven and the local 5G standard isn’t a fork standard. They said that the adoption of TSDSI RIT will lead to serious interoperability issues such as international roaming, product testing, and economies of scale.

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