Know what you should do, if you lose your passport on your abroad trip

Imagine, that you go to traverse the foreign land across the seas and lose your passport? Seems a panic attack situation isn’t it? But in this panic struck situation, you could be saved. Want to know how? Read on to know what you should do, if you lose your passport abroad.

It can be hassling if you lose your passport in a foreign land. It could turn to nightmare not having your most important document. But don’t worry you’re not stuck in that foreign land forever. But you have to be really quick once you realize you’ve lost that prized possession. Before somebody misuses it or you land yourself in trouble, you need to take an action.

Unsure what ‘action’ you should take up? Before you lose your mind and turn into a maniac follow the guidelines.

Find out the contact details of your nearest embassy

After thoroughly searching for your passport, you should immediately report your countries consulates and embassies. Tell them the whole scenario and necessary details as for when you came to the country and when you’re planning to leave so they can arrange for a passport based on that.

 Don’t forget to file a police report

This doesn’t speed up the process of getting a new passport, but it will definitely help you to stay away from and confusion. In case somebody tries to misuse your passport, police eventually knows that it was stolen and it wasn’t you. Also, they can help you know the procedure to follow to get a new passport according to the norms of that country.

Apply for a new passport and the statement regarding your lost passport

Before heading to the embassy to apply for a passport arrange for the necessary documents like an ID proof, photographs and a statement enlisting the details of the theft. Submitting the statement will invalidate your previous passport and prevent anyone else from misusing it.

Arrange for the documents to get your new passports

You’ll need to arrange a few documents to get your passport. Like:

·         Photographs

·         ID proof like (Voter ID, DL)

·         Your tickets

·         A proof to validate your citizenship (like birth certificate)

·         Application and statement for new passport and theft respectively

Be prepared to pay the fee

Not as a fine, but you will be required to pay the passport fee for replacing your lost passport. Therefore make necessary arrangements to the embassy. In case you don’t have credit, you can nominate somebody to pay on your behalf.

You’ll have to be patient and calm, no matter how hard it is. Also, you have to understand that embassies can’t issue a passport on weekends and holidays. Be alert on your vacation that you don’t lose your valuables but don’t forget to enjoy to the fullest.

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