Pranab Mukherjee & Dost Coach emphasizes on quality education

Skills & education is the gateway to the golden era says Pranab Mukherjee and our Dost Coach. With world-class higher educational facilities and enhanced skills, you can excel in your professional career.

13th President Pranab Mukherjee laid stress on education and skill development in his last address. He emphasized it to be the key to open the doorways for prosperity and wellness of India. He brought up "transformative power" of education and urged for upgrading higher education institutions with world-class facilities and promoting "creative thinking, innovation and scientific temper. It calls for the application of logic through discussion, argument and analysis. These qualities have to be cultivated and the autonomy of the mind has to be encouraged".

He said, "our education system must accept disruption as a norm and prepare our students to manage and build upon the disruptions. Our universities should not be a place for rote-memorising but an assembly of inquisitive minds".

Wondering how to develop your skills? Your Dost Coach Rajeev Khurana shares his valuable expertise, have a look.

Do a distance learning course or part time course

Often after college hours, we have ample amount of time left with ourselves. You can utilize that time and opt for a distance learning or part time course. By doing so, not only you have something extra but you learn something new and innovative.

Look for part time jobs or internships

It is suggested that you take up a part time job or an internship, you’d be earning something. And even if you aren’t earning on the monetary basis you’d be earning experience and knowledge. These two things are essential, above anything in your profession.

Develop interest in new fields

You don’t have to be high on art to do this. It helps your brain to focus on something new in a more efficient way. There are a number of activities you can choose that will help you to explore creative fields and will keep you busy.

Be independent

One should try and be independent by trying to find some mode of income. One should be able to fetch his own expenses. Khurana also talks how proud your parents would be with the little share that you dedicate to them. Try and earn, no matter how little or how much.

Look at it yourself, and for career related queries get in touch with your Dost Coach, Rajeev Khurana at NYOOOZ Careerz and Coursez.

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