Lazy and wishing a fit body? Here`s your guide for thinner legs

  • Lazy and wishing a fit body? Here`s your guide for thinner legs


    Do you crave for thin, lean long legs, but are lazy and in love with your morning sleep? Well, despite that you can have the perfect legs you wish for.

    The mere thought of squats, crunches and other exercise make you shudder but want to get in shape and flaunt your legs? Well, you’re that lazy fellow around who sits with an ice cream bucket cribbing for gaining weight. You’re not alone to be in this sphere, there are many who are at the same stage as you.

     NYOOOZ brings you a guide that can get you thinner legs and fit body.

    Stretching in the morning

    Lie down on your back and lift your legs up at 90 degrees. Keeping your legs straight start bending your knees one by one in an alternate manner. Make sure your feet do not touch the floor. Repeat this at least 20 times.

    Walk an extra mile

    It is seen that the longer you walk the more fat you’ll burn, giving you skinny legs, so you absolutely know that you’ll have to ditch your bed for some time and walk. Not necessarily you have to give up your morning sleep. You can walk any time of day.

    Adequate hydration reduces fluid retention

    Since you’d be walking and exercising a bit more than usual, make sure that you hydrate your body well. Keep it a target to at least have two liters of water a day and you may make it three in summers. The extra water intake will reduce fluid retention and dissolve fats and cellulite in this area of the body, giving you slimmer legs.

    Your must haves in the diet

    Certain food items like green tea, garlic, grapefruit and soy can speed your metabolism, which helps you reduce weight. But you have to be patient and keep in mind that things do not happen overnight. You will have to wait for some considerable results.

    Mark your calorie intake

    There are certain things you’ll have to avoid to control your weight and lose it more effectively. You’ll have to stop craving for fats and sugar. You’ll also have to resist your favorite soda bottle at lunch. If you do not control them, you won’t any considerable changes.

    Initially, it might be difficult but think about the latter good. Also, it won’t take really long if you incorporate it in your general routine.