Monsoon essentials in a girl`s handbag

  • Monsoon essentials in a girl`s handbag


    Gear-up for monsoon and have these essentials to make rainy day a fun day.

    Monsoons are a treat after the summer has sucked up happiness from us. Nothing feels better than the smell of the earth after a fresh downpour. The landscapes are greener and the temperature pleasant. Yet, you could be completely stressed out if you’re not monsoon prepared. Every girl must carry some monsoon essentials and be ready whenever you’re hit by the monsoon bliss.

    NYOOOZ has compiled a list, to remind you of the things you’ll be needing this rainy season. Have a look.

     An umbrella

    Let’s start with the most essential thing, an umbrella. Gone are the days when people carried bulky raincoats. After all, you don’t want to mess your new dress. Have a conveniently foldable umbrella of bright color, protecting you from rain and giving you a stylish look.

    Waterproof Makeup

    don’t let rain spoil your makeup. Be it a colored lipstick or an eye pencil, make sure it is waterproof. Nobody would like their mascara flowing down their cheeks while it’s raining. Replace your makeup essentials with waterproof makeup.

    Carry water-bottles and some cookies

    Rainy days can be stressful due to traffic jams. And they may be even more hectic if you’re thirsty or hungry. Courtesy rain you can halt to have some munchies. Therefore, be prepared and carry a water bottle and a pack of energy bar,r cookies or fruits.

    Keep wet-wipes and tissues

    It’s advisable to keep some wet-wipes and tissues handy because the weather is humid. You may also need them in case you are soaked in rain.  They’re good from hygiene point of view and may protect you from several skin infections.

     Have a pair of extra lingerie

    In case of a heavy downpour when raincoats and umbrellas are ineffective, soiled garments can be uncomfortable. They may also affect your health. Save yourself from the discomfort and stay healthy by keeping an extra pair of lingerie.

    Carry a flip-flop

    You may have to walk a little and the muddy rain water will spoil your expensive stilettos and pumps. Carry a pair of comfortable and water friendly flip flops to enjoy the playfulness of monsoon.

    Be monsoon ready and don’t miss the fun fearing about your footwear or makeup. Carry these above mentioned things and you’ll be all set to enjoy the rain.