Now get super easy Game of Thrones look by yourself

Haven’t you adored Khaleesi and Margery’s hairstyles during the Game of Thrones series? Setting up fashion standard they have made us envious of their long and gorgeous tresses. But, you can adopt some of those lovely hairstyles by yourself too. Don’t believe us? Have a look.

GOT fans are sitting on the edges with the ongoing 7th season. Over the years, we have been following the seasons, the stories, the spoilers, the fan theories and everything that’s close to Game of Thrones. Apart from these, girls have been closely following the hairdos of the characters. It has given all the girls out there some enormous ways to tame their tresses.

NYOOOZ brings you a list of hairstyles you can make on daily basis and flaunt your fandom for your favorite series.

Khaleesi’s half-up twists

Who else do we start with but the mother of dragons. This breaker of chains is also the mother of some fabulous hairstyles. For this super easy hairstyle, you have to make two braids and let them flow freely. And you’re all set to showcase yourself as the ultimate Khaleesi fan.

Daenerys’s royal triple braid

Super easy hairdo, without much ado. Just make three braids and re-braid them together. You have your new hairstyle, your new look in just simple steps. Let people guess how you made it such simple hairstyle that looks absolutely chick and royal.

Margaery Tyrell’s half ponytail

Throughout the series, we can’t stop adoring Margery, isn’t it? She looked absolutely gorgeous and stunning, and you can get her look too. It is simpler than you think, you just need three sets of twisted hair strands which go from either side of your head to the back. Just before you tie them together, the fourth set twists from behind the ear. above the point where the other three twist conjoin.

Cersei’s super easy and chic hairstyle

Don’t you miss Cersei’s long tresses? With them she looked, less wicked and more traditional. You can pull off this hairstyle with almost any outfit at any occasion.  Just twist a couple of sections of hair and pin it up. Don’t forget to get the beachy waves for the complete look.

Sansa’s double braid twist

Clearly game of thrones made it sure that braids are high up your instead of the usual back ones. You can get this classic look of Sansa by making a couple of vertical braids running parallel atop your head and then twisting them as they flow downwards.

Rush to grab a mirror and comb and start experimenting with your hair. Flaunt your hairdos and let people know you are fanatic about one the most intriguing TV shows ever, Game of Thrones.

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