BY Come Carpentier de Gourdon

A brief update on the matter of (so-called) Unidentified Aerial Phenomena which is now a regular feature in the major mainstream media is in order,. especially since it has been acknowledged by NASA that life appears to exists in the Venusian atmosphere and that it was in fact detected as far back as 1978.
No direct connection between this recognition, which follows decades of often acrimonious disputes about the presence of extraterrestrial microorganisms on meteorites the multiple statements from government-affiliated officials regarding their observations of vehicles and buildings on the Moon for which some provided photos and videos. and the persistent testimonies and visual proofs of US military close encounters with craft reportedly not from this earth since 2004, reported on the New York Times and other major print and audiovisual media and eventually confirmed by the US Navy and the Pentagon as being authentic (all those facts are documented in official documents and articles in major mainstream media, including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, NBC, Fox News etc...).
The coming to light of the existence of the Congressionally funded AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program at the behest of then Senate majority Leader Harry Reid between 2007 and 2012, the foundation of the TTSA (To the Stars Academy) with the participation of high-ranking recently retired military and civilian Intelligence officers and the subsequent acknowledgment by the Pentagon that it maintains a UFO monitoring desk k are only a few of the many milestones on the road to the public disclosure that, among other data:
1-There are very advanced space-faring machines operated by superior forms of intelligent life, biological or `artificial` circulating in our planetary environment and at least one Government, the US Government, knows about it since decades and has done all it could until recently to deny or at least avoid recognizing and publicizing it.
2-The official information now available is that those craft enjoy complete freedom to operate in the atmosphere and under our oceans, arguably because of the inability of governments to control them with any of the means currently available. The craft also land every now and then and can usually not be intercepted or stopped.
3-Some of those crafts frequently fly over army forts, navy bases, Air Force stations and other sensitive and protected facilitiess such as ICBM silos, strategic defence headquarters, power plants, the residence of the US President and they sometimes jam the radars and command and control systems which in the words of some of the pilots and ICBM staff can be regarded as a hostile manoeuvers although they were apparently only intended for self-protection, On various occasions UAPs temporarily switched off the firing mechanisms of ICBM which is regarded as a technical impossibility by the system operators.
4-The Pentagon has been ordered by the US Congress`s Intelligence Committee in a directive as part of the Defence Authorization Act to provide within six months from July 2020 a report disclosing some of the hitherto classified information it has gathered about the nature, origin and objectives of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenal. It is however to be noted that the delay granted and the virtual discretion given to the Military as to what information they will release indicate that not much new information may come out and most of the press echoed the official line about the fear that the UAPS may in fact be Chinese or Russian vehicles, which is an old but long discredited hypothesis intended to elude the real issue at hand.
5-A number of high US ranking politicians and military officers have voiced publicly their awareness of the existence of UAPS (Senators Marco Rubio, Mark Warner, Mark Walker among others) after being briefed by scientists from AATIP but this apparently new wave of concern is only the latest in a very long series of official and public reports and statements that go back to the second world war if not much earlier. This time however it is reported that the Legislators were informed that certain US agencies and/or corporate entities are in possession of materials and substances of non-terrestrial origin and not human-made.

Even if we discount the historical records that allude to observations of and encounters with `alien` or strange craft and beings that take us back hundreds of years and possibly millennia, the series of confirmed events that took place between 1942 (the so-called `battle over Los Angeles`) and 1954 (the Roswell UFO crashes and retrievals in 1947, the UFO fleets over the Capitol in Washington D.C. in 1952), the press conferences by top US Army, Air Force and Navy Commanders, the multiple government-commissioned investigations et al. prove that the UAP (formerly UFO) phenomenon has been a constant matter of concern at the highest levels along the last several decades. Long spells of official silence and dismissal have been periodically interrupted by waves of statements usually pleading ignorance while admitting the reality and the outlandish nature of the incidents but always stopping short of affirming their non-human, extra-planetary character. The UAP enigma has been explored in thousands of books, films and articles in all major world languages and in most of the national ones but it presents a unique case in human history, in the sense that after seven or eight decades of being challenged by an unexplained but pervasive and potentially threatening and epoch-making factor, the earth`s governments, religious organizations and scientific bodies seem to know no more about it than they did in the nineteen forties even though they claim every now and then to launch thorough investigations only to close them some time later on the grounds that nothing of value or substance has been found.
What other unexplained multiple happenings taking place again and again during decades before millions of witnesses and often leaving material traces have been investigated repeatedly in many countries and yet remain as mysterious as when they were first noticed even though the official conclusion is in substance: `we don`t what it is but there is nothing to worry about. However we should perhaps do an investigation as if for the first time...(but that will take a long time)`.

This situation can only be explained by 1-the inability to fathom the situation, 2-the will to deceive the wider public or 3-a combination of both, in which the former motivates the latter.
Let us now venture an explanation for what the real situation may be, based on vast amounts of data and contextual information accumulated by the author and many others over the years:
1-At least some governments (the great powers and a few others) have ascertained since the late forties at least that there is indeed an `Alien` intelligent lifeform, and in fact several in our ecosphere. It or they are so far ahead of our human species that we are entirely at its (their) mercy and cannot even understand the reality in which it/they exist and operate as they function in dimensions and utilize laws of nature that are unknown and inaccessible to us, at least so far.
2-The realization of the above fact changes so profoundly our self-perception and our conceptions of the universe, life and mankind that those agencies in charge of investigating have not felt able or ready hitherto to reveal it to people at large and even less to acknowledge that they have hid it for so long in disregard of the laws and legal provisions requiring governments to share relevant information with their citizens and with their allies at least.
3-Addtionally if some agreement has been reached between the human investigating agencies and one or more of the alien intelligent organizations and if some knowledge and technology transfer has taken place from the former to the latter, possibly in exchange for some good or service provided by the humans involved, secrecy may have been a condition of the transaction in order possibly to avoid massive and unpredictable public and popular reactions and interference. Multiple confirmed reports of human abductions by `Aliens`, sometimes supported by material evidence but apparently ignored by official authorities, in the last several decades lend credence to the belief that governments do not want to make the true situation public either because they are powerless to do anything about it or because some are complicit with whatever is going at some clandestine level.
4-The evidence of an official policy of secrecy with regard to all aspects of the UAP state of play cannot be ignored. it is so powerful that even the most garrulous high officials and heads of state and government at least while in office have not made any positive statements about it. President Trump, not known for his respect of state protocols on classified information has declined to say what he knew after admitting to his son in an interview that he had learnt `some very interesting things` about what happened in Roswell. He also watched the gun camera films taken by US Navy pilots who had encountered and filmed the `tictoc` shaped UFOs off the coast of California but only stated his high regard for them and their credibility as witnesses.

5-In this connection it is interesting to point out that no person in a high position of official power in any major country has stated in plain terms that he knows that UAPS are `extraterrestrial`, intelligently operated and pertain to a superior living system.All pronouncements in this connection are ambiguous, elusive and wrapped in doubt or humour. The rule seems to be that political leaders might say at their own peril that they `believe in aliens" (as some have done, endangering their reputation in the minds of many and exposing themselves to lampooning in the media) or that they have seen UFOS but they will never affirm that there is evidence for their existence and `alien` nature. The line is drawn between belief and awareness. Belief is free under most Constitutions but certain facts are not to be divulged, especially when they are too important.

A footnote to this memoir is that the scientific community in its overwhelming majority continues to evince so far an uncanny disinterest in, lack of curiosity for and even openmindedness about the massive amounts of UAP related evidence freely available to the public. Those who work on expensive projects to look for alien life in the cosmos tend to ignore any information provided by competent researchers and even military sources and they prefer to promise that some evidence of life on remote planets will emerge in the next ten or twenty years. It is clear that most scientists have been intimidated by the poor reputation given to any `UFO" story by the mainstream media following the government cue and don`t want to jeopardise their careers by giving credit to the topic.

In conclusion: The USA and some other major powers know a lot more than what they let out on the matter of UAP. They have evidently accumulated a lot of information and probably `knowhow` since the end of the second world war on this topic but have kept most of the world`s population, even in circles of power and influence, in the dark while pretending every now and then to make efforts at investigating the mystery. Whether this policy of denial and obfuscation masquerading as a lack of interest and concern is part of a larger plan is a hotly debated topic but that hypothesis has not been proven so far and it seems that even the President of the United States, not to mention other heads of state are not aware of the overall situation as they appear not to be privy to the ultimate secrets, possibly accessible only to unidentified insiders.


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