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Light up your taste buds

  • Light up your taste buds

    Summary: A break from feastingAmidst all this feasting the day before Deepavali Narak Chaturdashi (to mark the killing of Narakasura) is reserved for food that is light and medicinal. Many rice preparations are made for Annakut puja for the day after Deepavali to worship Annapurna, the goddess of anna (rice or grain). Many mythological events have been associated with this season and there is a new festival every day for almost a week. The theme continues with social gatherings, as card games and chaupar, exchange of gifts etc are meant to warm up relationships just as the traditional foods around Deepavali warm you up for the coming winter. Another significant traditional Deepavali offering is the cheeni ke khilone, toys made of melted sugar in the shapes of animals, flowers, gods and goddesses that have survived the test of time.

    Festivity is in the air. Hampers, sweets and diyas are surfacing in the markets with a new fervour. Deepavali is a season of euphoria, which is reflected in the way each brand comes up with a new line of products, new fashion and new flavours every year , As Reported By Hindu.

    According to the Newspaper,At this time of the year, a gentle nip in the air nudges one to indulge in the sweetness of traditional mithais and snacks made this season. Each region and community in the country has a unique menu. Yet the concurrent theme remains the same, featuring food that is rich, sweet and warming.


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